Friday, August 14, 2009

For... she is Big Fat Liar??!!

I dont know why she has to keep lying to me..

All over again.. I've known her around a year ago or maybe more. But I frankly do not understand why she keep on lying to me? Selfish? Or she is not sure I can handle the truth?

Come on... be BRAVE. We are all adult. We are 30 this year, we are not 13 YO teenagers..

I think its ok for her to be selfish, but liar??

To my beloved kids, PLEASE... Lying, liar, being one, they doesnt run in our genetics. Be frank... even it cost you..

Would you rather lie and lost a friend? or tell the truth and move ON?

You choose...

Monday, August 10, 2009

For... It is what matters most

I am smiling right now... *smile*

First, because after 3 months, I finally stayed up again.. hahah...

Secondly, because I was jotting something over this personal blog of mine ;)

I got quite a few enquiries like 'busy ka? lama x update blog'... or 'update la blog, nk tau ape citer skrg'

I missed a lot of event, I mean I planned to blog about them, but as ideas flowing they finally gone with the wind...

- Birthday Azalea on 5th May

- Birthday Dina on 16th June

- Rayyan now already talk like a month ago at the age of One year and Five months..

- And my own anniversary on 4th of July

Regret? No.

All the event involve the love of my life, my babies and my beloved husband. Yes like others, i plan to blog so that one day, my kids will be able to read them -- my thought. But then, I suddenly realised.. its ok not to blog or if I dont have time to blog isnt it? What's make my life almost perfect is the fact that they are by my side. So what am I doing blogging when I should be by their side..?

I dun have that much time to blog at my office, my job permit me, but my work doesnt. Before, I do have time to be online after midnite, even I got a few questions from my online fren..'What the heck I'm doing at weee hour like this?'.. Actually its the only time I got to be online without sacrificing my time with my 3 babies (2 kids actually). Lately I do find I love spending time watching TVs the whole evening with them. I just sat there. Rayyan on my lap, sometimes Dina, sometimes Azalea. Papa will draw picture with them, reading for them, singing together, and of course leaving the house in mess.. LOL..

But we are having so much fun.. When Rayyan was small, or back then when Azalea was small, yes I have time to be online during prime time. But NO, not nowadays. I sometimes have some work to finish, and when Rayyan sees me opening my lappy.. he will come near and ask me to pick him up.. And usually I did... Oh I love them so much. Allahuakbar who gave them to me, syukran ya Allah.

So i cant deny them in my space of time. I was lucky I have time at office for myself to check emails and answer emails. Back then when I was new in this company, the VC made his 100 days speech. Usually about what you can contribute to your company, but he did says about company knows that workers/staff do take times to read emails and answering them. It ok with the company. But nothing was said about blogging and chatting isnt it? they even barred the YM before.. hehee..

Pendekata, haha...I have every reasons why I didnt blog be it during nite or office hour. Even my job is not that busy..

I will 'insyaAllah' blog once in a while ...some thought are meant to be poured. But not everything. InsyaAllah there's nothing to be regret.. I will one day told them 'stories of us' directly to them. Like my mom did. Mak and Abah always tell me 'awak dulu masa kecil...'... atau 'kita dulu dh pergi here n there.....'

And in my little space in my mind, I wanted the memories to be filled with their movement, gesture, thousand faces, their smiles, their little step taken, ...not with memories of me busy updating my blog, or being online, or busy about my own doing, or busy with my own job and work..

How can I miss this cheeky Azalea's smile..

Face that shines in morning sun...

He raised his eyebrows when he looked at me or his papa..


The daughters who helps a lot and doing mess a lot? Mekasih kakak tolong mama jaga adik2..

A sister to her beloved baby brother and her baby sister

But I really wanted to say kudos! to mommies blogger out there who has 3 kids or more, and also an active blogger. It really meant a lot when they shared tips on parenting, recipes, stories that help others to decide and many more.