Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For This Has Been Long Left

I miss this. I missed my blogging world. Even I'm not a good blogger though. But I love my blog. Love it so much. Love pouring thoughts I guess. I have many thoughts. Why? Imagine I drive to work for 42 minutes, and back again 42 minutes. What should I do then? Just listen to the music? So what I did, I always think.. daydreams.. planning... whatever I can do behind the wheels.. If its not fasting month, I will even eat while driving. I even do pumping while driving ...

I will update this blog again.Especially now I have few blogger/cyber friends around. The sgt baik hati and sooo sweet kak ina, great limau_nipis, eversweet n caring bib and zea, a very humble eija, strict but caring kuacibunge, the sweet n nice cloud, the blur but cheerful erleyna..that's few to name. Will link them to this blog later. Oh ya..I met new friends in breastfeeding cycle, namely zue and ariys, and we've been sharing a lot lately and it has been great.

I missed my chat with Megh, I didn't fullfill my promised to esma to upload Rayyan picture here. I 'hutang' kak Ina one entries for blog. Hutang Limau for my breastfeeding chronology. I'll make up to them. I will n I must. And I love you guys..all of you. Thanks for being with me all this time. Thanks for supporting me..


Note : Yey.. Ezan dah balik study. Eventually becomes a listener to my fret n whine n fret n whine.. Sabiah dah beli kereta (ini mesti mau tulis sini, kasi highlite, lama ooo...dia tunggu kereta itu), Hana kecik now Lab Manager (hambik..boss baru punyer penangan)..ekekekke... Kak Fred and Meggie sambung phD, sila..sila...sila Permanentkan Head Damaged anda (sorry tak mo join..eheheh..LOL)

Note under note : InsyaAllah after Raya..my Long Delayed Work will end. Doakan Berjaya ..Aminn