Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For The Little Girl That Starts to Talk

27 September 2007
This morning Azalea wakes up early than both mama n papa. She plays around alone. I noticed this few weeks she starts to bubbly talk all day.

Then to our amazement, when papa wants to lift her up, papa asked Azalea..

‘Azalea, nak mandi dengan papa takkk..??’

Suddenly she opens her arms and said,

‘Papa Ajalea..’ and she smile so bright that our hearts also smile..

Terkejutnya mama, you go girl!!

Yes, she already can says few words like,

‘Nak, mama, papa, atuk, ibu (her mak su), opah, bak, ambik, kakak (sometimes it sounded like tatak), bear, pampers, susu, yak, mandi, ataih…’

And usually when she does bubbly talks, we will talk to her straight. We learn by not following her bubbly talks she will talk fast. InsyaAllah. And this morning she proves she can talk. Alhamdulillah.

Kakak talks quite early also. Kakak first sentence also early in the morning when she woke up from long night sleeps. Her first sentence was,

‘ Tu susu Dina..’

Ok..I admit I did overreacted when kakak first talk. I smsed my family and few close friends about it. I jumped in joy. That time my reaction was like ‘ yeahh…my baby finally talks’. Well, now.. Kakak talks non-stop unless when watching TV. Ahahha..kena la mama layan.

But kakak did set high benchmarks in her milestones. Maybe it’s going to be hard for her siblings to follow. But Luckily, I always believe that every child has their own milestones. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For The Check Up That Doesn't Cost Us A Fortune

About a week ago, I went for a check up with Prof Za at UKMSC. The check up is due for once every two months. Other than that I went for check up at local government Klinik Desa.

Upon knowing the gender of our third baby, the only thing that was in my mind is to get pregnant for the fourth time.

Papa was of course surprised and asked me why?.. The only reason I could think is that, Azalea n Dina can be a team, so our third baby need a gang also so he can make a team of his own. Papa just smiles and tell me not to worry, coz we have another 3 quota to fulfill. Uhh…come to think about it, I pray to Allah we can take a good care of all our babies.

The gynae gave us 5 printed ultrasound of our baby, of which we only recognized the head, other than that… mama pon tak tahu ape doctor print. It’s normal scan. I did request for detail scan which is 4D, but then I have to go to HUKM on Friday. Tak larat la pulak nak mengulang. And papa also doesn’t seem so interested, so I have to cancel.

This first scan, shows the size of baby head, and prof. Za did measure the size of cerebrum and cerebellum. Normal she said..
This second n third scan is confusing, this is actually the baby face yawning. But even I stress my eyes I couldn’t figure it out. But during the scan we did see the baby fingers open n closed, and he’s moving his hand to cover his face, he opened his mouth to swallow amniotic fluid… he is so active..
And last, but not least. The gender… Nampak jek this appears on the screen prof Za terus sebut gender baby… And she said Alhamdulillah several times and congratulates us. We..don’t care about the baby gender at first,as long as the baby is healthy and in good condition.. But when my MIL smsed me telling how happy she is to know I'm carrying baby BOY. My heart suddenly flips.. Yes, It’s A BOY based on the ultrasound

Note : when I told Sabiah (a colleague of mine) that maybe I should get pregnant for the fourth time. All she said was ‘ Akak nih, kalau lagi sekali girl camne? Tak de geng jugak.’ Ala…Sa nih, suka tau buat akak berpikir balik. Org dah planned baik punyer.

Note under note : I was charge about rm132 for the check up.
But I do think its worth it compared to going to other gynae.
Here’s the portion :

Consultation : RM 25 (for a specialist that is a professor, its cheap)
Ultrasound : RM 55 (for 5 printed pages, it’s worth it)
Vitamins : RM 24 (supply of obimin n calcium for 2 months)
Disposable : RM 14 (for urine test, blood test)
Lab : RM 14 (for urine, full blood count, BP n weight)

Before I know UKMSC I simply went to any gynae. Usually gynae charge is RM 50 and above. And for ultrasound only will cost around RM30 (with one printed page or no print at all). That’s why I said it’s worth it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Third Pregnancy

20 AUGUST 2007

Stay, stay, baby,
Stay safe in mama’s womb
Time will come soon
You’ll be out to this beautiful world
And you’ll still be safe in mama’s arms

I planned to dedicate this third entry for my little baby, my third baby. ‘Baby satu’ kata Kakak. Kakak is so excited about this whole new baby thing. She even talks to the baby frequently. And Kakak n Azalea endlessly kissed my stomach at every single chance they got. Azalea for instance, can’t let me lie down. She will selak my baju, saw my stomach n definitely kissed it. I guess she just followed what Kakak did.

17 Sept 2007

It has been long since I last postponed posting this entry. Actually I planned to scan the baby picture from ultrasound, so I need papa to scan and save it using office scanner. Tapi asyik lupe jek. At last I managed to get the pic post here using my handphone. So here’s the baby…..

At 10 weeks.. My baby look tiny, about 27 mm..

This Wednesday, I’ll accompany papa for his appointment at PPUM, then on the afternoon he’ll accompany me to UKMSC (UKM Specialist Centre) at HUKM, for my appointment with my gynae. Suka2 jek mama pilih gynae sebab pakai GL company. Eheheh…Just to give the best to my baby. Gynae nih nama Prof Dr Zaleha. Masa beliau sambut Azalea dulu, she’s Prof Madya. Now, she’s professor already. Monthly mama checkup kat Klinik Desa Kerajaan jek.

Another thing is that, lucky me that my company has budget for medical up to RM3000. So boleh la mama guna untuk bersalin normal. Sebenarnya sakit bersalin tu sama jek kat memana pun tapi mama nak lepas bersalin tu duduk bilik seorang. Nak rehat. Kalau ikut gaji mama n papa..tak mampu kot. Masa mama bersalin kan Dina kat hospital Putrajaya, I got room with 4 patients. Malam-malam tak leh tidur. Dah la overdue 9 days, duduk hospital before bersalin 2 days, day 3 baru bersalin. Lepas bersalin, susu tak banyak, Dina lapar and nangis the whole nite, hubby lak tak leh teman la kan kat wad. So tujuan mama ambil gynae kat private nih sbb supaya papa leh teman mama during labor (ni hospital gomen pun boley) and after labor.

As for now, I still have some sickness. Masuk baby ketiga ni, dah agak lali sikit. Tapi masih tak larat sangat. Kena kuat semangat..hmmmppphh

I always imagine, how my mom pregnant and gave birth to 8 children. And takes care of us till now. She also has a bad sickness during pregnancies. She fullybreastfeed all 8 of us. And my father was sole provider for the family. He and my mom never have fret or whine on the difficulties. So I hope papa and I won’t fret especially over small things. We are lucky enough to have been blessed with 3 children.

All I do now is hope n pray, my little baby inside me will be born healthy, a great muslim/muslimah and a proud Malaysian. Aminn..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For It's Flu, Not Just A Fever...

Last Thursday when i went to fetch Dina n Azalea from their nursery, the babysitter told me that both of them are having a fever. Oo'ooo.... Dina body temperature wasn't very high compared to Azalea, coz she already been given medication by the babysitter. While Azalea body temperature was quite high. I was comfirmed that night both my hubby n I wouldn't have a good night sleep.

That night Dina played as usual, but Azalea quietly lie down her head on my laps. I already gave her medications. Dina is easily assured about having to take medication but Azalea on the other hand is so hard.. she will pull, kick, whatever it takes to get the med out of her mouth. All I did that night was giving her 'Parmol'. When her temperature goes down a bit, she sleeps peacefully. But when the temp went up again, she started to whined...merengek..pusing2..mata pejam. Dina pun sama pulak tuh... I sponged both of them, but Dina didn't give any cooperation. Everytime her clothes gets wet..she asked for new clothes. While Azalea was fine with the sponging, but constantly pulled off 'coolpatch' from her forehead.

Yes, I have to do this to her.. Sorry Lea.. kalau tak Lea tak nak mkn ubat..sob..sob

The next day, i told my hubby, i cannot risk sending Azalea to nursery. I afraid they forget to give her the medication n her condition might get worst. So I stayed home with Azalea, and papa send Dina to Nursery. Not that I'm not worried about Dina health. But Dina can take care of herself. She definitely will ask the babysitter for her medication for she loves taking it. I repeat 'LOVE'.... It's true, dengan mama pun Dina will constantly remind me that it's time for her to take her medications. Of course la tak ikut timing, but as long as she feels that she wasn't well she would deinitely asked for..'ubat kakak'...

Friday evening, Azalea's conditions getting worse. She has runny nose, she cannot swallow her own saliva, milk..let alone food. We brought her to clinics... The doctor told us, 'to our horror', Azalea has 'throat ulcer'. The doctor gave us antibiotics(for azalea had tonsilitis b4, so everytime she has a fever, she has 2 be treated with antibiotics), oral lotion for throat's ulcers, n paracetamol. And that nite, we're having n azalea... Marah betul dia ngan mama mlm tuh.. Sampai hari nih dia tak nak kat mama. And that nite, papa n mama only get to sleep at 4 am..

As on saturday her conditions doesn't get any better, we went for 2nd opinion at other clinic. This time Azalea was given a better medication...or i might said more powerful. Sian nyer anak mama...the ulcers still there. And because she has previous tonsilitis history, whenever she has a fever, her tonsil would definitely swollen n it's painful...uhhh...sedey sgt...sorry mama x jaga adik baik2 sampai kena tosilitis...tsk..tsk...

And then on Sunday nite, I felt so uncomfortable. Plus I still feel nausea. Papa told me to rest..thanks papa. But Monday morning, I wake up with pained all over my body... Papa said my temperature is OK. So I just get ready to work...(as morning puke takes all the time I have..). With constant morning sickness, puking n vomitting...I usually felt weak until I had my morning breakfast. So usually kalau rase lemah2 pon, aku gagahkan diri drive jugak..nanti dh mkn skit OK la kot. Bread is forbidden, coz it's lead to bloating n more vomitting. But that Monday was different, suddenly I couldn't swallow the 'karipap' i bought. And I ate not even half.. Rase seram sejuk. Then I realised that I drove at 60 kmph...patut la byk keta duk potong aku. Lemah sgt rasa...

As I arrived at my office, I realised my NOSE BLOCK has become runny nose, my eyes burning, my throat ache, my body is in pain. I went to meet my students n told them I don't think I can teach that day. I really hope they understand, coz i've been 'MC'ing few times and had to do a few replacement class. Sian diorg...

I went back to my office, and told Megh n Liena (by skype). Megh asked me to go to clinic, but I told her I had all the flu simptoms but my temp wasn't high. Megh assured me early medications help. Liena reminds me I'm in terms..I'm pregnant. So better get a rest or sumthing ... Thanks gals.. Tapi tak larat jugak nk gi klinik, rasa nk drive balik pon x larat. So I told Megh, I need to lie down..Megh offered to send me to clinics (as usual ;P..tu yg sayang Megh tuh, last time she even offered to use her ID for me so I can get treatments at panels. Tak leh la yang!!), but I have to politely declined. Nak jalan pon rase tak larat. So I lied down n eventually falls asleep.

At 4 pm I went to clinic..And to my dismayed..ramai la pulak org. And I had to wait around half an hour and I haven't had any lunch. And to my suprised, my temp is actually 38 degree celcius. Are u kidding me? I put my hand on my wasn't hot. Doc kata, panas dalam tuh... So he gave me MC.

MC again? I wouldn't bluff, who do not love MC's. I like MCs.. but not at this time of the semester. MC means I have to cancel classes. Cancelling classes mean replacements.. Aduhhh...tapi badan mmg tak larat la... Lepas keluar klinik, terus beli mknn..tapi nk mkn x lalu. Beli buah, beli air..Mkn buah je..Air pon x lepas tekak. Slowly I drove home..safely. That nite, both Dina n Azalea throwing tantrums.. buat perangai. And I cried, entah nape nangis lak, sbb tak larat dah sgt2 nk layan diorg kot... tak pun it's my pregnancy hormons.

So yesterday, I just rest at home. Surf the net, makan ubat as prescribed, but couldn't sleep the whole day. Papa has been so nice taking care of everything for 2 days, the babies, foods.. even I know he's damn tired. Thanks papa.. (Actually he's taking care of almost everythings since I got pregnant.. =P )

But last nite, I felt better and as I've finished some marking, I decided to key in marks while watching TV, best la pulak aku tgk hell's kitchen, ghost whisperer (definitely a must), beauty n geek (dh nk abis season, saje la tgk) and Janice Dickinson's Agency. Sedar2 dah pukul 1.30 pagi. This must be the coffee... (lupe lak aku on medication, apsal minum coffee nih?) Konon nk hilangkan loya. Yeah, right..!! Last2 pukul 4 am baru tido, itu pun setelah papa bangun and saw me still in front of laptop and decided to stayed with me in the family hall. Err...tak pe lah papa, jom tido.

Baru nak tidur, Azalea screaming for milk, Dina wakes up and decided she needs to pee.. settled. Baru nak lelap, hp papa nyer alarm screaming at 4.40am!!!. Papa is fast asleep, so I had to bangun..n shut it up. Last2 tertidur jugak only to be awaken by my neighbour car, dengar kereta neighbour nih tau dah 6.15 am. Uhhhuuu... And again terjaga jam 7 am sbb nk solat. Suddenly papa kata dia kena gi awal, so x leh la nk lie down jap (sbb ari nih patut leh dtg lewat skit sbb kelas abis lambat)... Nak mandi... muntah (as usual) tanpa henti...tapi kosong. And last but not least...SAKIT KEPALA!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

For You Are Getting Fat, My Dear

The Other day while my husband and I prepared ourselves for weekend movie outing, he asked me what he should wear. Knowing my habits of making sure that we wear same color clothes, he usually wouldn't choose his own clothes and happy to wait for me to choose for him. Planning to wear the clothes that have no matching to his, I simply picked a white shirt with nice batik stripes.

When he puts on the clothes, he complained that the shirt I bought for him last year already shrinking. Paying no heed to his comment, I smirkingly said...

"Dear, I don't think it's your shirt, I think it's your tummy getting big!"

In other words my dear hubby is getting more fat at stomach area la. Couldn't blame him coz he cannot play any sport for his health doesn't permit him so. Hearing my comment, he takes a deep breath to hide his figure. Still not satisfied, my husband said that he can see clearly from the mirror that the shirt is getting short.

Being me, and who I’m am... I clearly don't see the point of arguing. So I simply let the matters fall.

On the way to the movie, my hubby seems not so comfortable. So I asked him, what's wrong. Then to my surprised, he said that he thinks that his boxer is also shrinking. And this makes him uncomfortable.

Oh my... Men are always man. So I just laugh my heart out. His behavior reminds me of an email I got few years back. Titled Man are from Mars and Woman From Venus (or vise versa, i dun remember ;P). The email shows the difference between man and woman.

'when a woman tries a clothes and it doesn’t fit them, the said they're getting fat, but when man tries a clothes and it doesn't fit them, they simply thinks that the clothes shrink'. LOL

note : when mama gained weight during pregnancy, papa would definitely gained some weight and eventually lost them after mama gave birth... maybe it's hormonal. OR maybe papa loss weight coz he in charge in taking care of the babies... ehehehhehe