Sunday, April 19, 2009

For ...If I can... I dare you...

Hahah... while breastfeeding Rayyan just now, I was thinking of this one :

" If I can ....(fill in the blank with something impossible)....
I will NOT .....(fill in the blank)....
because ....(fill in the blank)....."

Ekeke... I've been around and see people been answering TAG
Dare to answer mine? ;-)

My ANSWER will be this :

" If I can fly
I will not wear baju kurung anymore
because someone might sees what was not supposed to be seen..." hahahah

I would love to see how these people answer this one..hehe

1) Aliz_j
2) French_fry
3) Aneeza
4) Asu
5) Limau
6) Dora
7) Ira
8) Wawi


Sunday, April 12, 2009

For yesterday is another story..

This entry was nothing actually to blog about... I just have this sudden urge to jot about it. My 3 lovely kids is sleeping and papa is in front of me. Browsing thru his 'manga'. Which I kinda hate but its his time to release his stress and the fact that he always let me be infront of my laptop.

*Oh ya..he bought me mini laptop for my birthday..TQ laling..

About yesterday.. We went to Tesco Shah Alam so that I can meet this someone for something, and the thing is as important as other thing. So we went there, with the thought in mind that we wanted to let the kids also play around at the playground.

We finally decide to go home at nearly 11 pm and most of the shop there is closing and they had their day. But then I noticed this one shop selling woman blouse for RM20. yes doploh ringgit saje...

So I looked at papa in the eyes and said, "boleh pa?"

papa said, "boleh.." and he smile and begin to pick this one blouse. "Ni lawa pakai santai2 la mcm gi PD gitu.." I like them...

Then I said "can i pick 2 pieces?"

Papa angguk n smile .. (the fact that he carried Rayyan, kepung kakak n Azalea jgn gi jauh, dengan tangan sebelah lagi pegang bungkusan air) but still smiling. Tau papa excited gak. Maybe lama I didnt buy clothes for myself.. ;-P

Mama pilih dua helai saiz 44.. READ.. 44

Then budak yang jaga tu tanya (sgt peramah org nyer),"akak saiz berapa biasa pakai?"

"Ni saiz 44 kak, akak nih saiz 40, 42 gitu dah okey" sambil mengacukan baju ke badan mama.

"Dik, 44 la sebab dada nih....." pastu dia pon...

"Yer lah kak 44 la baru muat"

"kan dah kata.." , mama senyum

And today that's make me thinking, nape la tak jaga makan ya? sebab breastfeeding? Lapo..haha...I gained dlm 4-5 kg lately. *sigh*

Dulu berat masa mula kenal papa is 42 kg only, masa form 4.. Now...hmmm.. make me think, yesterday was really another story

*psstt...papa also gain some weight.. Told you, papa ngan mama mesti naik berat sama and his been complaining.. ever since --> Read here

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For ... I AM A TIGER... (Rayyan Turns One Year and 2 Months)

I cant help but love this picture very much...

TiGeR.... we kept calling Rayyan 'Tiger' ... (kakak la mula dulu), dr mlm sebelum tidur sampai la pagi nak hantar Rayyan ke nursery..


Presenting to you ---> Tiger confused..
*pelik kot sebab mama jarang ambil gambar..hahah

"kakak, nape kena angkat tangan??"...

"angkat jek tangan, mama nk amik gambar tuh, bukan selalu mama amik gambar.." hahah..

Sayang gambar nih blur skit.... My 3 heart n soul...

Penat posing...

Adik kakak... Dina yang abis ati dgn Rayyan..
Soalan lazim "Mama, bila mama nk beranak lagi..?" huhuuu