Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For... She Wanted to Win!

It happen quite sometimes ago (masa tuh rambut dia pon panjang lagi) during our wait for papa, who's buying us dinner, in our little car. The incident been hanging in my head ever since, it potrays her a lot as a big sister.

She asked me 'Mama ni apa?'

and I said ' huruf X?'

She said ' BUKANNNN....' in denial tone

Mama 'abis ape?'

She said ' ni pangkah la...'

Mama 'sama la!..cikgu kakak ajar huruf X tak? kan sama'

She said 'ajar, tapi nih kakak buat pangkah!!...'

Alahai... yer lah kakak...

And she will be big sister after all ;). Mama already 28 weeks,God Bless.. Allahuakbar..

And SHE = ME?

And since she was small, papa said she resembles me in many ways, physically and attitude, and manjaness.. Hoping she and her siblings grows up to be Hamba Allah yang berguna. Aminnn