Monday, September 3, 2007

For You Are Getting Fat, My Dear

The Other day while my husband and I prepared ourselves for weekend movie outing, he asked me what he should wear. Knowing my habits of making sure that we wear same color clothes, he usually wouldn't choose his own clothes and happy to wait for me to choose for him. Planning to wear the clothes that have no matching to his, I simply picked a white shirt with nice batik stripes.

When he puts on the clothes, he complained that the shirt I bought for him last year already shrinking. Paying no heed to his comment, I smirkingly said...

"Dear, I don't think it's your shirt, I think it's your tummy getting big!"

In other words my dear hubby is getting more fat at stomach area la. Couldn't blame him coz he cannot play any sport for his health doesn't permit him so. Hearing my comment, he takes a deep breath to hide his figure. Still not satisfied, my husband said that he can see clearly from the mirror that the shirt is getting short.

Being me, and who I’m am... I clearly don't see the point of arguing. So I simply let the matters fall.

On the way to the movie, my hubby seems not so comfortable. So I asked him, what's wrong. Then to my surprised, he said that he thinks that his boxer is also shrinking. And this makes him uncomfortable.

Oh my... Men are always man. So I just laugh my heart out. His behavior reminds me of an email I got few years back. Titled Man are from Mars and Woman From Venus (or vise versa, i dun remember ;P). The email shows the difference between man and woman.

'when a woman tries a clothes and it doesn’t fit them, the said they're getting fat, but when man tries a clothes and it doesn't fit them, they simply thinks that the clothes shrink'. LOL

note : when mama gained weight during pregnancy, papa would definitely gained some weight and eventually lost them after mama gave birth... maybe it's hormonal. OR maybe papa loss weight coz he in charge in taking care of the babies... ehehehhehe

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