Thursday, March 29, 2012

For It's The Kitchen Appliances That I would Never Thought I Would Adore ^^

I bought a kitchen appliances.. (if my mom read this she'll say "finally my daughter bought something for her kitchen" ..haha). I never thought that I would buy this

Yes, I hardly bought anything for my kitchen, I mean my hubby and I, we've never really buy anything for the kitchen. We basically use whatever was presented to us 8 years ago during our wedding. All the cooker, thermopot, dining set, even the stove is from the wedding present. We only buy washing machine and refrigerator. Ok washing machine is not counted..LOL!

It's an Airfryer.. OMG..I have never know about this product until a few friends talk about it and this particular blog testify on it, feels great to have it..I must say. Senang nak perhangat fried food tanpa menggoreng balik dgn minyak *euwww*

This friend of mine BLOG

Hers is Philips which has baking function (or so i think)

Mine here is TEFAL. Well I dun bake, so this will do..

This keropok and keledek goreng from yesterday.. hahah..

I like the fact I can see what happen to the food. ;)

Its piping hot during this phase, I'm setting 10 minutes to 'refried' this. No oil added.

Finally, crunchy and even crunchier than the moment i bought it yesterday. Pls pardon that I'm using yesterday leftover for this trial :P

Even the 'serdak' is crunchy.. huiyoo

My 2nd trial was frozen 'keropok lekor' from freezer... I wash it a bit. Well I always wash keropok lekor before frying it. Tak tahu kenapa... habit kot. To be exact, this is keropok losong actually (^.~)

Originally I wanted to put 1 tablespoon of oil on the green spoon. Then only teringat, minyak abis laaa..

Perhatikan keropok yg bergelimpangan... sedang di masak. Tadi kecut jer kan.. kan..?

Voila!! best... taste like normal keropok lekor, just less oily.. Nyummm..

Hehehe...sedap mcm goreng biasa juga. Must be because non-fried keropok lekor also is sometimes already oily ;P

Personally I love this, we always have leftover food from KFC, sometimes beli banyak2, tp the kids tak nk mkn. Sayang betul. Bila perhangat guna kuali dengan oil...sesetgh makanan jd too oily. Sampai tak lalu nak makan sudaa..

Lagi satu, bayangkan boleh goreng kentang goreng, on busy day org datang rumah. And leave it to cook on by itself. Sounds like heaven kan? ;D

Love this to bits... Thank you kepada yang meracun. You gals know who you are ...muaaackkksss


IstriNizi Momyha said...
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aida said...

Ajaaaa, lamanya tak berblog :)

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